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Scheme of studies K.G. & Class - I

The school considers the Kindergarten an essential step in the ladder of educational experience.

The aim is to foster the natural development of young minds through an organised, systematic child centred programme of learning, not syllabus oriented curriculum. The focus is on the holistic formation of the child; to provide stimulating activities for intellectual, language, social, emotional, aesthetic and physical growth. The aim is to educate the individual not through rote learning but through active exploration and experience of his/her environment and through learning activities. The motive is to lay the foundation for the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing English and for basic concepts of numeracy, and for social, aesthetic and creative skills and thus preparing them for they primary grades.

The pupil being at the developmental level, their fingers and eye muscles need strengthening and co-coordination. Therefore formal writing will be introduced when co ordination justifies this. They will have experience with paint brush, crayons before they start writing.

Class I to V

The child, already familiar with the basic skills in English language, is now initiated into formal instructions through interactive techniques. The emphasis is on usage and application in Environmental science the focus is on developing scientific aptitude and making him aware of his/her surroundings. In Mathematics the problem solving techniques are taught.

The extracurricular activities allow them, not only to gain confidence but also help them to realise their potential in various fields. The important aim at this level is the learning of basics and forming a sound foundation which will enable the child to study more complex topics and problems at the higher levels.