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It is now a matter of national interest to make the learning process free of any kind of stress. The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is a system of constant evaluation and Is a stress free mechanism of reporting a student's achievements. It focuses on the development of the basic learning skills.

The Kindergarten

At this level the child is assessed on the basis of constant evaluation. There are no formal tests/examinations. The academic session is divided into two terms. The Assessment Report will be based on worksheets/activities/assignments and oral test on day to day basis.


Jawaharlal Nehru School attempts to provide a system of constant evaluation, child - friendly and stress - free mechanism of reporting child's achievements. Provision has been made to convert the marks into grades, which should be seen as part of a larger whole, as marks are not reliable indicators of a child's performance because of various defects in the scoring procedures. Grading system on the other hand helps in eliminating misclassification of students into different categories.

K.G. I
At this level the children are assessed on the basis of constant evaluation. There are no formal tests/examination. Assessment reports will be based on worksheets, class activities, assignments on day to day basis.

To provide a system of Constant Evaluation, Child Friendly and stress free mechanism, class I has the following assessment policy. Students will be assessed on the basis of continuous academic performance in weekly assignments and oral tests.

  • Assessments will be held in English, Hindi, Maths, EVE, Computers.
  • Evaluation is also done on oratory skills and grades are given in English and Hindi reading and Recitation and Mental Maths.
  • Marks will be converted into grades.
  • Assignment files, note books will be shown to parents on Parents Teachers Day.

  • The details of the test schedule can be viewed in the following formats
    I Term (A) II Term (B) III Term (C) Annual Results
    2Weekly Tests (WT) Only Half Yearly Exam = 30% Only Final Exam = 60% A=4WT=10%
    B=Half Yearly=30%
    C=Final Exams = 60%
  • Weekly Tests not mentioned in the detail green above.
  • Date wise .. for WTS not given.CLASS II TO V
    Class II To V will have 4 cycles of WTs and 2 Term Exam. The dates for the term exams will be given by the teachers. The syllabus will be given by the teachers. Annual Results will be declared on the basis of cumulative assessment as follows:
  • Class I Term (A) II Term (B) III Term (C) Annual A+B+C
    II-V 2 WT Only Half Yearly Exams = 30% Only Final Exam=60% 10% (4WT) A
    30% of HY (B)
    60% of FE (C)
    Note:- In classes UN-10% of all the Weekly Tests (WT) 4 cycles will be A
    The marks range for different grade will be fixed as follows:
  • A+ : OUTSTANDING 90% --- 100%
  • A :EXCELLENT 75% --- 89%
  • B :VERY GOOD 56% --- 74%
  • C :GOOD 35% --- 55%
  • IMPORTANT RULES REGARDING WEEKLY TESTS & EXAMS (a) Attendance for all WTs and Term Exam is compulsory. No student will be allowed to leave the school after the test/WT before the scheduled departure time except on medical ground. (b) There is no provision of Re-test of any WT or Term exam under any circumstances. (c) If a student represents the school in an important event, re-test is permissible that too at the discretion of the Principal. (d) Students indulging in unfair means during any Weekly Test or Term exam will be awarded Zero in that subject. No retest for such students. Repetition of the same will result in expulsion. They will not be eligible for any academic award or school appointment. (e) Answer sheets will be shown to the parents on Parents - Teachers Days only.