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Investiture Ceremony 2017 Sports Meet 2016-17 Investiture Ceremony 2017 Sports Meet 2016-17




Q.1 Do one page of cursive writing in a transcription copy.

Q.2 Prepare a chart on “Parts of speech” with definition & four examples each.

Q.3 Read supple. Reader lessons 2,3,4 & 5 to improve reading skills & write the answers in the Holiday Home work copy.

Q.4Write articles on the following topics in the Holiday Homework copy.

a) Importance of sports & games in students life.

b)”Prevention is better than cure”.

c)An ideal student.

d)Importance of discipline in the school.

e) What do you mean by “Good Manners”/An organized life.

Q.5Write an Application to your class teacher requesting her to change your section.

Q.6 Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his success in the examination.

Q.7 Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to take part in games regularly.

Q.8 Learn & write all the answers of the lessons taught in the practice copy.

fo"k; &fgUnh

1-  izfrfnu ,d i`"B fgUnhlqys[k fyf[k,A

2-  ikB~;iqLrd& olar&2 ds ikB&1 ,oa 2 ds iz'uksRrj ;kndjdsfyf[k,&

3-  iwjdiqfLrdk ¼cky egkHkkjr dFkk½ ds ikB&1 nsoozr ,oa ikB&2 Hkh"e&izfrKk ds fuEufyf[kriz'uksa ds mRrjfyf[k, &

d-  'kkaruq us xaxk dh 'krsZD;ksaekuyh\

[k-  iq= nsoozrdks 'kkaruq ds gkFkksalkSirs le; xaxk us D;kdgk\

x-  firk dh O;Fkknwjdjus ds fy, nsoozr us D;kizfrKk dh\

?k-  Hkh"e ¼nsoozr½ ds thou ls vkidksD;kf'k{kkfeyrhgSA

4-  ifj;kstukdk;Z %&               

    ^^fgeky; dh csfV;k¡** ikB ds vk/kkjijufn;ksa dh lwphcuk,¡ rFkkmudkmn~xeLFkku ,oatgk¡ osfeyrhgSamldkHkhmYys[k djsaA





Q.1 Simplify : (i) 2 of (9-15÷5)   (ii) 16-{10-6+4(9-8)}

Q.2 Calculate the following using suitable rearrangement :

        (i) 575 X 104  (ii) 123X 7 +123X3    (iii) -50 X125 X(-6) X8

Q.3 Find the value of     (i) (-6)X2 +8     (ii) 459 +(-265)             (iii) (-65) + (-77)

Q.4 Find the value using suitable properties

       (i) -717 X9 + (-717)          (ii) 600X 49 +600

Q.5 Write a paragraph on any one mathematician.

Q.6 Make a magic square (working Model)

Q.7 Complete the number pattern:

   (i) 999X1 = 999   (ii) 6X2 -5 =7                   

       999X2 = 1998  7X3-12 =9      

       999X3 = 2997  8X4 -21 =11

       999X4 = 3996  9X5 -32=13

--------------------------     --------------------

       999X8 =                   16x12-165=

(iii) (2X2)-(1X1)=3=2+1


  (4X4) – (3X3)= 7=4+3

(18X18) – (17X17)=       =          +

Q.8 Solve chapters 1 &2

Q. 9 Mental Maths Chapters 1 & 2


Q1. In Science Copy :-

1) Draw a well labelled diagram of Digestive system.

2) Learn all the Question and Answers done.

3) Draw a well labelled diagram of a permanent set of teeth of human.

4) Write a note on tooth decay.

Q.2  Make a Project file:-

a) Collect information about Green house and paste their related pictures.

b) Collect the pictures of plants showing different modes of nutrition and write few line about it.

c) Collect following information from at least 10 children and find the average age at which children loose milk teeth. You may take help from friends,neighbours etc.

1) Age at which first tooth fell.           2) Age at which last tooth fell.

3) No. of teeth lost.

4) Age at which first tooth replaced.

Q.3 Prepare a chart showing sample of :

a) Energy giving food. b) Body building food     

 c) Protective food

                         Social Science

Civics  -Write the name of States and their capital of India in classwork copy.

History –On the map of India mark the following  page 16 – Parmars  ,Kalinga , Pandyaseastrakutas , Cholas

Geo – Draw the diagram color and lable them properly in class work copy.

1.   Page 3- Diagram of the environment

2.   Page -7 fig 2.1

3.   Page – 13 fig 3.2 3.3

4.   Page – 12 chart fig 3.1

5.   Page-20 fig 4.1

6.   Page- 22 fig 4.2

7.   Page- 26 fig 4.5

8.   Page-30 fig 5.1

9.   Page-36 fig 5.5


Updated: 21/04/2017