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Q.1 Prepare a chart on Parts Of Speech with Definition & examples. Write all types of sentences with 5 examples each in the holiday homework copy.

Q.2 To improve the reading skills, read the Chapter 2,3,4,5 of the Supplementary Reader & write the Questions & Answers given at the back of the lessons.

Q.3 Write an Articles on the following topics for the school magazine in the holiday homework copy.

a)Benefits of Spoken English.

b) Advantages of Reading Newspaper.

c) Importance of discipline in life.

d) Benefits of Exercise & Yoga.

Q.4 Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend some of his holidays with you.

Q.5 Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper about the need of parks &gardens in your city.

Q.6 Write a letter to your brother advising him to give up bad company.

Q.7Prepare a speech for the Morning Assembly on the topics-

a)Prevention is better than cure.

b)Make hay while the sunshine’s.

c) All that glitters is not gold.

Q.8 Write a paragraph on the topic ‘My School’ using as many adjectives as you can.

Q.9 Learn & write the Questions & Answers of lesson 1given in the practice copy.


fo"k; &fgUnh

1-  izfrfnu ,d i`"B fgUnhlqys[k fyf[k,A

2-  ikB~;iqLrd&olarikB 1] 2 ds iz'uksRrj ;kndjdsfyf[k,A

3-  iwjdiqLrd ¼Hkkjr dh [kkst½ ds fuEufyf[kriz'uks ds mRrjfyf[k,&

iz-1 vgenuxj ds fdysesausg: thD;k&D;kdk;Zfd;kdjrsFks\ [kqnkbZ ds nkSjkumUgsaD;kfeyk\ 

iz-2 pk¡nchchdkSuFkhmUgksusfdldsfo:) gfFk;kjmBk,\

iz-3 usg: th us xaxk unh dkslHkhufn;ksa ls c<+djD;ksacrk;k\

iz-4 vkidsvuqlkjHkkjr] ;wjksi dh rqyukesarduhdhfodkl dh nkSM+ esaD;ksafiNM+ x;kFkk\

iz-5 usg: th ds vuqlkjHkkjrekrkdkSugS\

4-  ifj;kstukdk;Z&

    e'khuh ;qx ls gksusokysvklikl ds ifjorZu dh lwphrS;kjdjsaA ¼pkVZ isij ij½

5-  milxZizR;; ds ckjsesa ,d ,ycecukb,A


Q.1 Solve any 25 questions from chapter -1 (except N.C.E.R.T Book)

* 5 M.C.Q.

10 short answer type questions and 10 Hot questions

Q.2 solve any 25 questions from chapter -2

* 5 M.C.Q.

10 short answer type questions and 10 Hot questions

Q.3 Make Chart (on any one)

- Properties of Rational number

- Represent Rational number on number line


Make a working Model on Pythagoras Theorem.


Q.1Make a chart on half sheet-

(i)Traditional methods of irrigation

(ii) Modern Method of irrigation

Q.2 Make a handwritten project file (5 to 10 sheets) any one.

(A) Microorganisms are our friends as well as foe.(diagrams, advantages, harmful effects ,communication etc)

(B) Synthetic fibers in our daily life.(diagrams, samples, types, uses of each type)

(C ) Role of 5 metals  and 5non-metals in our daily life(samples, diagram for preparation, properties uses etc.)

Q.3 In Science copy:

(i) Table 2.1, 2.2

(ii)Draw 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

(iii) Fig 2.10

(iv) (4.3) uses of metals and NM

Q.4 Read lessons and learn QA and note down the difficult words and their meaning.

Social Science

1.    History – Map work

Lesson 4  page- 4.1 Tribals, Duke and the vision of golden age .

Fill in the map of India

Baigas , Banjaras , Gonds , Santhals ,Vanguijars

2.    Civics – Map

Page - -17 Show Nepal ,Bangladesh and India

3.    Geography – Draw the following diagram

Page – 13 fig 2.3 2.4

Page- 25  fig 3.2 3.3

Page-30 fig 3.10

Page-33 fig 3.16

Page 35 fig 3.19

Page 36 fig 3.22 3.23

Revision of the chapters completely .



Updated: 21/04/2017