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Investiture Ceremony 2017 Sports Meet 2016-17 Investiture Ceremony 2017 Sports Meet 2016-17




Q.1.Prepare a chart on ‘Parts of speech’ with definition & four examples each.

Q.2 Write all types of sentences with 5 examples. Each in the Holiday Homework copy.

Q.3 Read the supple. Reader lessons 2, 3, 4 &5 to improve  reading skills & write the answers in the Holiday Homework copy.

Q.4 Do one page of cursive writing in a transcription copy.

Q.5 Write articles for the school magazine on the following topics in the Holiday homework copy.

Q.6 Write an application to the principal asking him for three days leave.

Q.7 Write a paragraph on “My Mother” using adjectives.

Q.8 Learn & write the question-Answers of the lesson taught in the practice copy.

fo"k; &fgUnh

1-  izfrfnu ,d i`"B fgUnhlqys[k fyf[k,A

2-  ikB~; iqfLrdkclarikB 1] 2 ds iz'uksRrj ;kndjdsfyf[k,A

3-  iwjdiqfLrdk ¼cky jkedFkk½ ds fuEufyf[kriz'uks ds mRrjfyf[k,&

iz-1 jktkn'kjFk ds pkjksaiq=ksa ds ukefyf[k,A

iz-2 jkeesadkSu&dkSu ls xq.kFks\

iz-3 jktkn'kjFk ls jkedksjk{klksadk o/k djus ds fy, dkSu ls _f"kys x, Fks\

iz-4 j?kqdqy dh jhfrD;kgS\

iz-5 fo'okfe= us fdl ;K dkvk;kstufd;kFkk\

4-  ifj;kstukdk;Z %&

gekjsns'kesafofHkUuizdkj ds Hkkstu ,oaiks'kkdsizpfyrgSAfofHkUujkT;ksa ds vuqlkjHkkstu ,oaiks'kkdksadklfp= o.kZudfj,A

¼pkVZ isij ij½




Q.1 Write Roman numerals from 1 to 50,100,500,1000

Q.2 Write a paragraph on any one Indian Mathematician.

Q.3 Make a table on Indian & International place value system

A) 28961073    B) 987012436

Q.4 Rewrite the following in Hindu-arabic numerals.

a) CVII  b) VI   c) L  d) XL  e) LIX   f) C

Q.5 Estimate the product by rounding off to its i)nearest tens    ii) hundreds   iii)thousands

a) 29X178   b)167X233   c) 1521 X 1456

Q.6 Write the equivalent Roman numerals for Hindu Arabic numerals:

a) 65           b) 72        c)49       d)98

Q.7 Identify the pattern and write the next four numbers in the series.

i) 2,3,5,7,_,_,_,_.


iii) 3,6,9,_,_,_,_.


Q.8 Solve chapter  1&2 .

Q.9 Solve mental Maths chapter 1& 2.

Q.10 Learn  & write tables 2 to 20.


Q1. In Science Copy :-

a) Make a table of sources of Vitamins, functions and their deficiency diseases.

b) Paste 2 pictures each of Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores and write definition of each.

C) List some ways to prevent loss of Nutrients from food.

d) Learn all the Answers done.

Q.2  Make a Project file:-

a) Collect the pictures and information about dairy farm to learn how dairy products are manufactured from milk.

b) Study the food culture of people from different parts of the world. Collect information on their food habits. Analyse the nutritive value of those foods.

c) Make a presentation on -

 “Modern Textile Industry in India”

Social Science

Q.1 Write the names of Indian states & their capitals in History Class work copy.

Q.2 Draw Diagrams & Label them in you geography class work copy.

page – 3 Fig 1.2

Page – 7

Page – 11 fig 2.2 ,2.3

Page – 18 fig 3.1 ,3.2

Page – 19 fig 3.3

Page- 26 fig 4.3

Q.3 Locate the following(Map of India) in History Class work Copy  Bhimbetka, Mumbai , Bramhagiri  , Inamgaon, Mehragarh .

*Please use pencil for Maps & diagram. *Heading should be written for each Diagram separately.



Updated: 21/04/2017