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BHEL Vikram H.Sec. School(PW)

BHEL Vikram Higher Secondary School was established in 1967 and is managed by BHEL Shiksha Mandal which is patronized by BHEL Bhopal.The Primary Wing of BHEL Vikram Higher Secondary School  is located in Berkhera in BHEL Township.The school has its credit alumnae holding illustrious positions ranging from IAS Officers.

BHEL Vikram H.Sec. School campus has an area of 7,685.00 sq.m. (4.37 acres) with a built up area of 2,23 1.00 sq.m. and is centrally located at Berkhera in BHEL township It has a floral and continental garden with trees all around covering the open playground.

Affiliated by : Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi
Address :BHEL , Berkhera, Bhopal
Phone : 0755-2502521, 2503528, 2686144

Email :