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School Rule
    • The school diary is to be brought to school daily.
    • Student should be habitually clean and neatly .dressed. Appropriate school uniform must be worn to school every day and for all school functions.
    • All boys, except the Sikhs, must wear their hair short. Girls should tie their hair with a black hair band.
    • Students who come to school with escorts must return with their escort. In case the escort is delayed the student must report to the school office.
    • Parents and guardians must not meet their wards or teachers in their class rooms without the prior permission from the Principal or the Vice-principal.
    • Students are not allowed to use the school phone without the permission of the office clerk. They shall not be allowed to answer phone calls during study hours.
    • The school does not permit students to host parties in the school on their birthday. Parents are allowed to send chocolates for the classmates. Return gift, cake and other snacks are not allowed.
    • Care should be taken to keep their school premises and side lanes clean. The school should not be littered with bits of paper, disposable tumblers, polythene carry bags etc.