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July & August2021 CCA Activity
; Apart from online classes to develop creativity and reduce boredom in students we at Jawaharlal Nehru school commencing online Hobby and Art classes for our students. Students as well as Teachers are showing their hidden talents. Here are the details of the Activity taken by different teachers: 1. Singing By Dolly Dwivedi 2. Calligraphy By Gayatri Sahani 3. Paper Work By Anjana Tiwari 4. Drawing & Leaf Art By Jaishree Singh 5. Mandana Art By Parineeta Shakya 6. Kalash & Thali Decoration By Sapna Vimal 7. Warli Art By Bhavana Namdeo 8. Instrumental Music By Dolly Dwivedi

Please enjoy the creative work done by our students. Click Here

Updated: 29/08/2021