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Kasturba College Of Nursing Established in 2002 as the pride of being the pioneering Institution of its kind in Bhopal and is also known for the introduction of collegiate nursing curriculum in Bhopal. The Kasturba College 
Of Nursing is recognized by Indian Nursing Council, Higher Education M.P. State Government and State Nursing Council, and is affiliated to Barkatullah University Bhopal.

For providing technical assistance, practical work, hospital services, BHEL Management has permitted to use 300 bedded Kasturba Hospital. 

Address : Habibganj, BHEL, Bhopal-462 024
Phone : 0755-2505370, 2485278

About Us

The Kasturba college of Nursing is an extension of Educational Programme managed by "BHEL SHIKSHA MANDAL"(BSM) which is patronized by BHEL,BHOPAL.One of the objectives of BSM is to establish and  promote vocational education in the field of Nursing and other allied paramedical disciplines.

                                           To meet this objectives Kasturba college of Nursing  (KCON) has been established in the year 2002.The college is recognized by Indian Nursing Council, Higher Education M.P. State Government,State Nursing Council and associated with 350 bedded BHEL Kasturba Hospital and affiliated to Barkatulla University Bhopal.The college is offering four years B.Sc. Nursing Course.


The institution believes that the unique function of a nurse is to assist the individual ,either sick or well in the performance of  those activities contributing to health ,its recovery or peaceful death ,that she would perform  unaided  if she had necessary strength ,will and knowledge.

 The basic course in nursing should provide for the continuous developments of an individual as a nurse and as a citizen,capable of functioning effectively in the  hospital nad community .The institution believes that educational preparartion of nurses contributes substantially in maintaining the health of the people by prevention of disease ,promotion of health and care of the sick and  injured in the family ,community and globe .

It is recognized that this is the profession which is influenced by advances in science and technology and therefore  efforts are  being made to give more exposure in the clinical field areas .

The endeavor of the institution would be directed towards helping the students in their all round developments and to develop pride in the profession and  to guide them with respect to their prospects in Nursing .


The aim of the Nursing Programme is to prepare the graduates to assume the respnosibility in care of people ,sick or well as professional nurses.

  •    To maintain  a centre of excellence in nursing with a view to generate a new perspective and innovative approches in scientific

                    health care system and future needs of nursing development .

  •      To set an ideal in study as well as service to the society which may become holistic in its out look and approach to meet the health    of   the country.